Netib training and consulting

Growth is a potential going out for success

Life is wonderful and overwhelming to all of us; nonetheless it is happening. What we offer is to explore and develop ways that best suit you to handle personal and professional matters that are standing in the way of your goals. Our approach is embedded in cultivating improvement for a sustainable solution.

Our team is expert in advocating for strengthening once potential through an active process of engagement. We have developed meticulous experience on a foundation of dedication and proven work ethic working with businesses, entrepreneurs, a wide range of companies including local and international organizations through developmental training and workshops.

We envision a future of community where self-motivated and responsible individuals and institutes thrive to create and practice a holistic approach by tapping in to their potential or resource leading to impactful sustainable social development.

Netib Consult is a social enterprise established by founder Bekri Ahmedin with the ambition of being the leading provider of services in the sector of business and brand development. NC was officially launched in November 2018 after 10 plus years of cumulative experience in Business and Brand development, through training, and workshop facilitating with local and international organizations.  

At the core, we value partnership and development for innovative sustainable socio-economic growth.

Netib envisions a future of community where self-motivated and responsible individuals thrive to create and practice a holistic approach by tapping in to their potential to efficiently and effectively collaborate their strengths which will eventually lead to impactful sustainable social development.

Through coaching, mentoring and training, NCM creates a platform for skillful encouragment with in the process of alignment to recognize the skills and desires of individulas. By exposing and enabling the vast possiblities and opprtunities with in themselves, they can mobilize the resources in their environment for thier ultimate accomplishment that can propel to the community.

At the core, our programs value leadership and creativity which will inspire self-awareness and self- expression within and among individuals.


Netib Values Leadership:

We believe collaborative-leadership is a learned asset which needs practice amongest stakeholders to nurturing for collective growth.

Netib Encourages Self-Expression:

Our programs encourage growth hence ultimately, one can’t thrive without the process of growth. We guide for every individual and organization to stay focus to process since NC role is assisting anyone to achieve their goals.

Netib Invests:

We coach and consult our clients to look inwards for innovation and help them walk the process to achieve their target. Our motivation is paired with a series of cultivating all around resources.